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Start ahead of the game with your next filming project. We can write the script, compose the music, find the actors, pick the locations, storyboard the production, film the shots, create the sequences, edit it together, add special effects in our 28 feet green room, so you can deliver more punch than the competition with a bigger than life emotional impact.

Right now, 80% of all US Internet Traffic is Video. Are you in?

The enemy of any video production, whether for TV or for the web, is mediocrity. Don't spend good money on average results. We know production, composition, special effects and editing. We are the founders of The Hartford Film Academy and Incentive Server.

From dramatic impact to subtle humor, we can help you make a long lasting impression.
Ask about our discount bundles.
  • Embedded Anamorphic Widescreen Videos turn your site into a cinema screen, this is our hottest product
  • Professional whiteboard animations, not cheesy substitutes
  • Scalable crew, equipment, SFX, sound, music, props, large crane jib - from a budget short to a full movie
  • The free downloadable guide will help you make a better video even if you don't have it in your budget to hire us now
  • Sample soundtracks made in our studio: 1 2 3 4
  • Sample cinematic soundtracks for film and narration: 1 2

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